Life without social media

A satirical take on how much our personality, politics and relationships are being dictated by the rulesof the Internet

When the unelected set the agenda

We are slowly losing our autonomy to define ourselves — who we are and who we want to be seen as

Disability and the culture of violence

Discrimination in itself is a kind of violence; one finds that in plenty in India, where representation of the disabled in the economy is very low

Gender stereotypes emerge as early as age six, shows study

Researchers say that girls are less likely than boys to associate brilliance with own gender

Infants retain first language even if it is not used later: Study

People remember their birth language even if they have not had the chance to speak it, according to a new study.

Now, a ‘vaccine’ to guard against spread of fake news

Scientists have developed a novel psychological “vaccine” to immunise the public against the damaging “virus” of fake news and misinformation on websites and social media.

Thinking in stories

The Humanities have been too busy trying to justify stories in all possible terms instead of working on how to best think in stories

‘Curious people solve problems creatively’

People who show strong curiosity traits on personality tests perform better on creative tasks, according to a new study.

Slippery slope: The more we lie, the easier it gets, say scientists

Whether cheating on taxes or one’s lover, the little lies we tell can quickly escalate into big ones, according to a study released on Monday that describes dishonesty as a “slippery slope.”

India needs to talk about mental illness

At least 13.7 per cent of India’s general population has various mental disorders; 10.6 per cent of them require immediate interventions.While nearly 10 per cent of the population has common mental di

Intellect and intuition

Intellect and intuition have been cast historically as irreconcilable attributes. Rationalism against mysticism. Science against faith.

Instinct is no excuse

For years I have been worried about the trend to use genetics or evolution to explain everything about human beings and their societies.

Dogs filter out bad advice from humans, says study

Dogs are less likely to follow bad advice from humans, according to a new study that found that, in contrast to kids, the canines only copy a person’s actions if they are absolutely necessary for solving the task at hand.

When a city dies

It was the turn of the Northeast then and now it is (once again) the turn of their favourite neighbours

The stories in our heads

Shyness is a perfectly natural human trait. But it is at odds with neo-liberal social norms, which expect ‘normal’ individuals to be articulate self-promoters with excellent networking skills

Supreme Court quotes 1962 ruling to say criticism is not sedition

A Supreme Court Bench of Justice Dipak Misra on Monday quoted a judgment delivered 54 years ago to say, “Someone's statement criticising the government does not invoke an offence of sedition or defamation.”

Brain perceives taste with all senses: Study

Our brain relies on not just one but all the senses to anticipate taste, a new study suggests.

Childhood experiences have long-lasting impact

Childhood emotional experiences of individuals can have long lasting consequences in adulthood while they perform a task, a study revealed.

First file appeal against HC verdict, SC to Delhi

Judgment shrunk Cabinet’s administrative girth

Can we have some silence, please?

Aggressively promoting oneself seems to be the new mantra for survival in our society and silence mitigates this ‘virtue’