Embracing loneliness: a modern guide

Loneliness can creep through your bones like a disease, wash over you unexpectedly as if a stranger’s vomit, or sit in the pit of your stomach for weeks like undigested chewing gum.

The secret of happiness? Accept being unhappy

Disappointment, fear and loss are as much a part of life as achievement, hope and joy. But this indeterminate state no longer seems to be socially acceptable

Skills in flux

The economy emphasises a new generation of skills, but our vocabulary describes the set required 30 years ago

We are not raising Generation Diva

Dutch research suggests we’re making our children into narcissistic twits – yet this study isn’t about how we make them feel, but how we feel about parenting

The dress that’s beating the internet black and blue

People worldwide are debating the true hues of a royal blue dress with black lace that, to many an eye, transforms in one photograph into gold and white.

When wives take ill, divorce could be on horizon: study

Marriages are more likely to end in divorce if the wife takes seriously ill, a U.S. study released on Wednesday found.

Leaving and cleaving

So much of life is about leave-taking: moving from home to college, from love to love, from city to city and from life stage to life stage.

A battle against the inevitable

I’m writing this after hearing an apparently innocuous and encouraging snippet of news — that a new lung cancer treatment is capable of giving sufferers a possible “extra 200 days” of life.

The moral injury

Most discussion about post-traumatic stress disorder so far has been about the conquering of fear, but lately more people have come to understand it as also being about moral exile

Crocodiles know how to have fun!

Crocodiles, just like humans, think surfing waves, playing ball and going on piggyback rides are fun, a new study suggests.

Mind mapping

The board of a leading manufacturing company, looking to hire the leadership team, recently asked the head hunting firm to use psychometric profiling as part of the hiring process.

The problem with meaning

When the sensations of meaningful go away then the cause that once aroused them gets dropped, too; ennui floods in

More teeth for Consumer Protection Act

Hoarding to be made non-bailable offence, detention period to be one year

Know what makes people intellectually humble

Do you know why some people are “intellectually humble” from others? This is simply because they love learning so they spend time learning from other people.

A new age of activism

There is a thin line between high-pressure policing and oppressive policing. Heavy hands leave bruised spirits, and occasionally buried bodies.

Why elders smile

Psychologists who study this now famous U-Curve tend to point out that old people are happier because of changes in the brain

Race and prejudice on celluloid

Bollywood’s inability to cast an actor from a similar ethnic or cultural group for the role of Mary Kom speaks of an issue that goes beyond cinema: race

Introspective or narcissistic?

The more you can yank yourself away from your own intimacy with yourself, the more reliable your self-awareness is likely to be

Rhapsody in Realism

Intellectual life is ironic because really smart people often do the dumbest things precisely because they are carried away by their own brilliance.

Sleep critical to memory formation

scientists have discovered how sleep is key to learning and forming new memories. How much sleep do you get and is it enough?