Committee calls for constitutional status to JAC appointments

The committee, while endorsing their views, observes that constitutional status to the appointment and transfer of judges made by the Commission may be given to allay apprehension expressed by legal luminaries.

A dream on the theme of civil justice

India is ahead of others in that almost all its High Courts have mediation centres annexed to them Some corporates resort to blackmailing to force other parties to settle.

UPA to move Lokpal Bill in Rajya Sabha today

The government intends to table the Lokpal Bill in the Rajya Sabha on Friday, although the Opposition parties have reservations over some of its provisions.

Recasting the appointments debate

In order to build bipartisan support and public confidence, the draft amendment must articulate the goals of creating a competent, independent and socially diverse judiciary that upholds constitutional values and ethical institutional and personal conduct.

Neither too hard nor too soft

While the Election Commission should not allow the perception of its being an eroded authority that would make enforcing discipline among contesting parties difficult, it should also not lay itself open to ridicule by raising objections to clever wordplay by campaigners.

Manmohan keen on passage of women’s quota Bill

The long-pending Bill, which seeks to provide 33 per cent reservation for women in Parliament and the State Assemblies has been listed on the Lok Sabha agenda for the ongoing session.

Doublespeak on women’s rights

The Congress and the BJP have taken hypocritical positions on the Tehelka sexual assault case and the alleged surveillance of a woman by the Gujarat government.

Last-mile attempt to re-energise MGNREGA

It will involve training of officials, mass awareness drives through padyatras and institutionalising the monthly Rozgar Diwas in every panchayat for people to register their demand and grievances.

Nationalism and free press

While the attempts to tame the press are global, they could not take away the spirit of freedom, resistance and the commitment to tell the truth from journalists.

Big vote for NOTA in Chhattisgarh

It was Chhattisgarh that polled the largest number of ‘none of the above’ (NOTA) votes — an option available for the first time to voters to reject all the candidates. Delhi recorded the least number of NOTA votes until results last came in.

EC to recognise Aam Aadmi Party as State party in Delhi

If a party is recognised as a “State Party” in four or more States, then it will automatically become a national party. It will lose the recognition if it performs poorly in the subsequent polls.

Role of Opposition is not to disrupt, says President

Divergence of views was the fundamental principle of democracy but “the role of the Opposition is to oppose, depose if possible and also to expose but not to disrupt.”

Khemka gets a charge sheet from Hooda government

"The serving of charge sheet at night to a minor child at my residence ... only aggravates the sense of terror in the minds of my family members"

Nabard pushing for low-cost drinking water in State

Water purified in the plant is sold at Rs. 4 for 20 litres. At present, Nabard is not packaging the purified water.

Sharpen the focus

With its long history of communal violence, India certainly needs a specific law with a strong focus on preventing clashes between the majority community and minorities and providing reparations to the victims of such violence.

Expanding access to justice

Additional benches of High Courts will help reduce the costs of litigation, create new opportunities for people to seek justice, and provide more practice to lawyers.

The lessons India hasn’t learned from 26/11

Five years after national outrage led governments to make big promises, the police and intelligence services are still battling chronic deficits of capacity.

Keeping politicians at bay

The bureaucracy can never be immune to political interference as long as bureaucrats are willing to twist and bend before politicians to get the postings of their choice

Freedom of expression is not absolute, EC tells Modi

Utterances, even colloquial, must conform to decorum and public morality, says EC.

Setting right an anomaly

Supreme Court upheld a Patna High Court judgment that said being in prison or in lawful police custody will disqualify a person from contesting elections.