DoPT’s response on All India Services Rules

The rules are explicit that the Centre can intervene suo motu and overrule the State on matters of review or revision of orders against All India Service officers.

Lok Satta chief wants proportional representation

PR allows parties to reconcile conflicting interests for maximum acceptance.

The right to talk and write

Journalists in India have no special rights. Unlike the United States, freedom of the press in the country does not flow from any special provision or amendment to the Constitution, but from the right to free speech and expression.

The way forward in Assam

At least four ethnic groups have begun to press their claims for separate States to be carved out of Assam.

This is no child’s play

The Supreme Court has rightly dismissed challenges to the Juvenile Justice Act, but needs to do more to ensure its proper implementation.

Day after Dabholkar killing, Maharashtra approves Ordinance on black magic

The Bill was introduced thrice in the Assembly and underwent 29 amendments but still not passed. It ran into opposition from the Shiv Sena-BJP and organisations that feared the Bill would target only the Hindu faith and curb religious freedom.

Crowd censoring

The right to freedom of speech and expression is enshrined in the Constitution, and chauvinist elements, no matter of what hue, should not be allowed to infringe on this right citing some imagined slight to a group or community.

A charter for the CBI

The National Police Commission pointed out in its second report that, apart from the “political sources,” industrialists, businessmen et al also try to influence the police.

12th gram sabha too votes against Vedanta mining

VAL has already set in motion the process to put pressure on the State government for allotment of alternative mining sites in nearby areas.

Nothing here to like

The ultimate arbiter of what constitutes offensive online content is the executive. In practice, that means touchy politicians and trigger-happy policemen.

When someone moves your cheese

Unlike many countries that have passed laws to protect citizens’ privacy, the Indian state is collecting more and more information about private individuals under various pretexts and restricting their right to access their own information.

Why keep political parties, essentially public bodies, out of RTI ambit?

‘ hamara paisa, hamara hisaab [our money is subject to our scrutiny]’ — a phrase coined during the crusade for implementing the RTI Act eight years ago.

Adding fuel to the fire

The Centre has sought to curb Nagaland’s constitutional right to regulate petroleum and naturalgas extraction, ignoring its special status under Article 371A.

Making India’s Durga Shaktis matter

The Union government can and must protect upright All India Service officers from harassment by unscrupulous political forces in the States.

For a more inclusive ballot

While denying voting rights to undertrials contradicts the principle that a person is innocent until proved guilty, disenfranchising convicts will aggravate their alienation from society.

Food Bill tabled in Lok Sabha amid objections

The much talked about, ambitious and historical bill to replace the National Food Security Ordinance 2013 was introduced in the Lok Sabha on Wednesday amid strong objections raised by the AIADMK and the DMK.

Tenth Gram Sabha also rejects bauxite mining proposal

Nine Gram Sabhas held in the villages of Serkapadi, Kesarpadi, Ijrupa, Phuldumer, Batudi, Palberi, Kunakadu, Tadijhola and Lamba unanimously opposed the proposed bauxite mining in the Niyamgiri hills.

Parliamentary supremacy under attack

The executive’s attempts to circumvent the legislature and the growing influence of money power in deciding elections have eroded people’s legitimate aspirations.

A suspicious suspension

The most charitable explanation for Ms Nagpal’s suspension would have to be that the SP is trying to play politics with the religious sentiments of the people.

Understanding the poverty line

What it signifies, what it does not tell us and what it will definitely not be used for.