Child marriage widely prevalent in A.P., says study

Krishna district tops list, Vizag comes second

SC makes legal services affordable

Middle and lower income groups can avail the scheme by paying a nominal amount

Planning for the people

Planning continues to be a top-down bureaucratic exercise, disconnected from the institutions of local democracy

A few good officers

Increased digitisation of public documents is of absolute importance if we are to rein in rapacious public servants

The devil is in the fine print

Electoral reforms announced in the Budget are not what they are claimed to be — they will neither cleanse our politics nor bring transparency

Sex offender registries don’t work

As a result of being on the register, former convicts find it difficult to gain meaningful employment and have limited options in finding housing

Bowing down to patriarchy

One of the success stories of affirmative action in India has been the implementation of reservation of seats in local body elections for women, to the order of 33% or more.

The temptation to go viral

The Good Samaritan law has not sufficed to create the confidence it takes to act in an accident scene likethe one witnessed in Koppal. The reluctance to do something is habitually guided by apprehension

The revenge of the underdog

Personal angst, public interest, and a sharp eye for a political opportunity have combined in different measures to prompt Tamil Nadu Chief Minister O. Panneerselvam

Growing insecurity in Afghanistan

Tuesday’s blast near the Supreme Court premises in Kabul that left at least 20 people dead, underscores the growing insecurity in Afghanistan.

Getting back home, safely

Despite extensive experience in conducting evacuation operations of its citizens abroad, India still needs to institutionalise best practices

Temptation of spoils

Public service commissions are meant to be watchdogs. But recruitment to these panels is becoming subject to political loyalty

‘Nod of judge not needed for transfer’

‘The power of transfer can be exercised only in public interest, that is, for promoting better administration of justice’

Miffed Karnataka legislators close ranks against HC circular

‘Barring judges from sharing dais with MLAs during court event is an insult’

Disability and the culture of violence

Discrimination in itself is a kind of violence; one finds that in plenty in India, where representation of the disabled in the economy is very low

Intelligence failure led to landmine blast deaths

Ever since the Ramaguda or Ramgarh exchange of fire (EOF) in the cut-off area of the Andhra Odisha Border (AOB) took place between October 24 and 27, in which 30 Maoists were killed by the Greyhounds,

A Budget few can quarrel over

When growth is faltering, demonetisation could hold the key to realising more taxes and maintaining fiscal stability in the immediate future

Alok Verma takes over as CBI chief

Former Delhi Police Commissioner Alok Kumar Verma on Wednesday took over as Director of the Central Bureau of Investigation.

Rs. 2,000 ceiling for cash donation to parties

But individuals can give funds by cheque or through digital mode

‘Time ripe for discussions on Universal Basic Income’

A Universal Basic Income (UBI) will be an efficient substitute for a plethora of existing welfare schemes and subsidies, according to the annual Economic Survey.