Global studies on India’s air quality flawed: CPCB

Bodies such as WHO used ‘arbitrary’ conversion factors to measure pollutants

Organ-on-a-chip mimics the heart

Could prove invaluable in studying cardiac ailments and personalised drug development

Mapping dolphin proteins may benefit human health

Scientists make detailed index of all proteins in genome

Family planning deaths must not go unpunished

Depression, top cause of disability worldwide

New WHO data show a huge spike in cases, including in India

Arctic vault receives new seed deposits

50,000 samples, including from India, to play a role in developing climate-resilient crops

Penguins lived alongside dinosaurs

Amateur fossil hunter finds giant foot-bone near Waipara River in New Zealand

India building a supercomputer juggernaut

The as-yet-unnamed giant could win a spot in the top ten global list, and improve weather forecasting

Rare luminous nebula poses cosmic puzzle

A nebula is a huge blob of gas surrounding and extending between galaxies.  

Choke on it

Air quality continues to deteriorate, but there is no pressure on the government to take action

Life elsewhere

The discovery of seven exoplanets makes the search for extraterrestrial life more exciting

A pit stop to change attitudes

Pit emptying must become central to India’s effortsto eliminate open defecation

Centre doubles solar park capacity to 40,000 MW

Fifty more parks will be set up at a cost of Rs. 8,100 crore

7 Earth-like planets spotted

Low temperatures make possible the presence of liquid water on their surface

China backs fight against terror

Promises more cooperation with India across a range of issues like security and trade

Life expectancy to exceed 90 years

South Korean women will live the longest, says a study that analyses data from 35 developed countries

Necessary limit

Price control for cardiac stents is inevitable to promote access to treatments

Green tea-laced capacitor to power wearable devices

Its energy densities are enough to operate heart rate monitor

Thirty minutes to a healthy heart

A single, moderate workout beneficially alters telomere biology in the heart

An ill-conceived plan

Chhattisgarh’s move to stop open camp sterilisation services is debilitating