Scientist Developed a Device that allow Heartbeat to Power Pace-maker

It can eradicate the need for surgeries to replace the depleted batteries. the device could produce 10 times the amount of energy needed.

Scientists Developed Test to Detect schizophrenics

people with schizophrenia showed well-documented deficits in the ability to track slow moving objects smoothly with their eyes

Martian dust akin to Hawaiian volcanic soil

Curiosity used its Chemistry and Mineralogy instrument (CheMin) to obtain the results using the technique of X-ray diffraction

How cooking helped us become brainier

Brain size of humans increased because they began to eat cooked food while the great apes ate everything raw.

Major breakthrough in microchip technology

IBM scientists are reporting progress in a chip-making technology that is likely to ensure the shrinking of the basic digital switch at the heart of modern microchips for more than another decade.

Baxter, the humanoid Robot

designed to work safely alongside its human co-workers on factory production lines.

Wooden high-rises that are eco-friendly

Architects and engineers are reviving the use of wood as an eco-friendly replacement for concrete, as borne out by the completion of an eight-storey office building in Austria and residential block in London.

Packing 10 terabits on a tiny device

Devices with capacities of up to 10 terabits (10 trillion bits) per square inch. An ultra-smooth surface may be the answer

New Earth Sized Planet Discovered in Neighboring Solar System

closest to but outside our solar system. The planet is said to be astronomical stone’s throw away at four light years.

Two labour-saving farm mechanisation innovations

The first machine is a tree pruner that can be mounted on a tractor. Another machine which he has devised is called compost aerator.

Scientist Developed a Superhero Mice that sniff out Explosives

The mice are named as 'super-hero' sniffer mice and have the ability to smell out land-mines and explosives

Scientist Discovered Source of Water on Moon

most likely source of water on Moon is the constant stream of charged particles from the Sun known as the solar wind.

BrahMos missile successfully test-fired

290-km range BrahMos supersonic cruise missile, capable of carrying a conventional warhead of 300 kg test fired

Australian Scientists unveiled the Colossal Radio Telescope

abilities of exploring the depths of universe with unparalleled precision

Nuclear-capable Dhanush successfully test-fired

Launched from a ship, the missile met mission objectives in a flawless performance

Lab on a chip

A technique that uses acoustic waves to sort cells on a chip may help create miniature medical analytic devices

Waste degradation by white rot fungus

In recent years, decomposition of agricultural wastes such as coir pith, banana sheath (dried), sugarcane trash, millets and pulse waste, cotton stubble with white rot fungus (Pleurotus sp.) is gaining importance

Gold producing bacteria discovered

'Cupriavidus metallidurans' is metal tolerant bacteria which can grow on huge concentration of gold chloride which is a very toxic chemical compound found in nature

Water soluble Electronic devices

The job is done and the device is gone

Mars Curiosity Rover found the evidence of waist-deep flowing stream on the Planet

The findings of the scientists following the proofs provided by the cameras of the curiosity rover indicate that once upon a time the dry planet Mars was once wet with the presence of water that followed their for millions or thousands of years.