commissioning of the Kundakulam Plant can be stopped

Cancer research yields 'greening' of nylon

Working on a cancer cure, researchers have discovered a molecule which would facilitate 'greening' of nylon production

Sunita Williams became the second woman in history to take command of ISS

Sunita Williams booked a record for total cumulative spacewalk time of 44 hours and 2 minutes by a woman astronaut with her sixth walk in the space

Two Proteins that can Protect against Diabetes

proteins called Puma and Bim can result in to self-reactive immune cells accumulating and attacking many different body organs, causing illness

Brain does not allow math, memory to mix

The brain is not wired to allow you to balance your chequebook while introspecting, say researchers who have practically wire-tapped a hard-to-reach region of the brain

Gene Therapy which can restore the Sense of Smell

The scientists used gene therapy to regrow cilia, cell structures that are important for olfactory function.

Balwan Pyaj

The farmer has distributed the seeds to about thousand farmers in Haryana

A New Strain of Rice that could boost Crop Yields

It could increase crop yields by a fifth for small farmers. It grows well in soils lacking the nutrient phosphorus

New Technique to reduce the Side Effects of Chemotherapy

The new technique blocks an oxygen-sensitive enzyme and streamlines the blood flow by combining the specific PHD2 inhibitors with the chemotherapy

Ring-Planet Saturn and Red Planet Mars paired in the Sky

The Ring-planet Saturn and Red planet Mars came together in Western Sky after sunset on 15 August 2012

Sharp drop in HIV cases in India

56 per cent drop — in the past 10 years

Scientists Unveiled the Origin of the Singing Mice

The singing mice are brown fur rodents instead of the normal white ones, they are found in the tropical cloud forests in the mountains of Costa Rica

Web-Based Fertilizer Recommendation System Developed

The Indian Institute of Soil Science, Bhopal has developed a web-based system for advising farmers the right quantity of fertilizers that they should use in their soils for a particular type of crop.

A new oxidant in the atmosphere identified

The new oxidant is capable of oxidizing suphur dioxide

Curiosity touches Mars surface

NASA undertook the mission with an objective to determine whether Mars has ever had the conditions to support life. The ambitious project costed the US government about 2.5 billion dollar

Tumor Stem Cells multiply and Fuel Cancer

Stem cells in healthy tissues are known for their ability to produce any kind of cell

Higher you live, faster you age

The world’s most accurate atomic clock has clearly proved the nearly 100-year-old theory by Albert Einstein that time is a relative concept and the higher you live above sea level the faster you should age.

Russia’s Soyuz-FG Carrier rocket set Five Satellites into Orbit

The rocket will put the Russian satellites Canopus-B and MKA-PN1, a Belarusian BKA satellite, the Canadian ADS-1B and German TET-1 into orbit.

Banana genome sequenced

The completion of the genome sequence was important for India, the world's largest producer of bananas

World’s reefs in rapid decline

The consensus statement at the International Coral Reef Symposium, being held in the northeastern Australian city of Cairns, stressed that the livelihoods of millions of people were at risk.