Higgs boson announcement

CERN physicists hail evidence of game-changing discovery of subatomic particle

Keeping metal surfaces ice, frost free

Harvard researchers have invented a way to keep any metal surface free of ice and frost — a discovery that will prove beneficial in refrigeration systems, wind turbines and the construction industry

Cancer treatment using Nano-Technology

Nano-particle carries anti-cancer drug and releases it only in the cancerous cell and protects the surrounding healthy cells

A wearable robot helps disabled people walk

Ekso is a wearable, battery-powered, exoskeleten made by Ekso Bionics that enables paraplegics to take a few steps again

Google creates Artificial Brain

Google has created an ‘artificial brain’ from 16,000 computer processors, with more than a billion connections that can detect faces and distinguish between humans and animals.

‘Green rust’ could scrape toxic metals

green rust is a highly reactive iron mineral which experts hope could be used to clean up metal pollution and even radioactive waste.

Cancer treatment using Nano-Technology

Nano-particle carries anti-cancer drug and releases it only in the cancerous cell and protects the surrounding healthy cells

New Technique for the Early Detection of Autism

A team of scientists at Boston Children’s Hospital invented an easy technique, that will help doctors to diagnoses autism in children in its early stages

Real-time Train Running Information System

A joint team of Indian railways and IIT-Kanpur developed the real-time train running information system, a technology which will help a mobile user to get the information about the exact location of a train

ICRISAT, ICAR jointly to fight climate change

The two organizations and their partners emphasized adoption of a different perspective and approach by listening, observing and learning from the people that they are supposed to help with research findings, technology and know-how.

China launches Shenzhou-9 manned Space-craft

China launches its 4th human spaceflight with China's first woman Astronaut

World's oldest cave paintings

Prehistoric dots and crimson hand stencils on Spanish cave walls are now the world's oldest known cave art, according to new dating results perhaps the best evidence yet that Neanderthals were Earth's first cave painters.

Labour saving tool for sugarcane cultivation

New tool to help pruning of mother shoot of sugarcane

Powdery mildew in sunflower

Powdery Mildew is a disease infecting Sunflower especially during the flowering and grain formation stages affecting crop growth and yield.

Earthquake observatory in Koyna-Warna area

Project to measure physical and mechanical properties of rocks before, during and after a quake by drilling a 7 km hole into the crust.

SMART a novel Search Engine

Computer scientists at the University of Glasgow are participating in a new project to develop a search engine which will draw its results from sensors located in the physical world

Transit of Venus

‘Science Express' flagged off

Science Express — a train for promoting scientific temper — began its fifth journey, this time to raise awareness about the country's unique biodiversity. The ‘Science Express — Biodiversity Special (SEBS)' was flagged off on Tuesday.

World IPv6 Launch Day

World IPv6 Launch Day was organised by Internet Society on 6th June 2012

Minor planet named after Chinese scientist

The minor planet, known as No 10611, was discovered by the Beijing Schmidt CCD Asteroid Program under the National Astronomical Observatories with the CAS in 1997, and was bestowed with the name in memory of Yan