What mackerel and a volcano can tell us about climate change

History offers clues about what food security could be like in modern times

Watson helps automate intelligence

In 2011, ‘supercomputer’ Watson beat human contestants in a quiz game show Jeopardy!, sparking speculation on whether machines would one day replace human beings in the workforce. In the last six year

GPS to be mandatory for all commercial vehicles by year-end

‘Autos, cars, trucks and buses must install device in line with Centre and apex court direction’

Ugandans invent ‘smart jacket’ to diagnose pneumonia quickly

Sensors from the jacket will pick up temperature, sound patterns from lungs and breathing rate

Right to a safe abortion

When a pregnancy is unwanted, a safe abortion is vital in ensuring a woman’s health and well-being

Ask them to go run

There is little evidence to show that running ruins knees. Research suggests the reverse

Will the superbug scare hit home?

The suspected Indian superbug link to an American woman’s death underscores the urgent need for a national action plan to execute the existing framework for combating antimicrobial resistance

India steps up submarine induction as Chinese presence grows in region

The Indian Navy expects to induct two Scorpene diesel-electric submarines into service this year and launch a third submarine into water even as officials acknowledged the growing Chinese maritime pre

Milestone in cryogenic engine test paves way for GSLV-MkIII

A milestone crossed in the making of a new cryogenic rocket engine set the stage for the first flight of the country’s most powerful satellite launcher to date, the GSLV-Mark III.

India now an associate member of CERN

The step will enhance participation of young Indian scientists and engineers in various CERN projects

India loses its pioneer in black hole research work

Professor C.V. Vishveshwara (77), who did pioneering work on black holes, passed away in Bengaluru on Monday night

Smoking e-cigarettes is injurious to health

In the absence of clear evidence on the effect of e-cigarettes on tobacco de-addiction, the sale of these products must be accompanied by accurate health warnings

India superbug resistant to available antibiotics?

A woman in the U.S. died after being infected by a superbug during her visit to India, say doctors who found that the “nightmare” bacteria was resistant to all available antibiotics.

The hyena has the last laugh

Modern techniques in conservation such as captive breeding have in the past saved animal species from near-extinction

‘U.S. worried over Pak. missiles’

Obama’s decision to impose trade curbs on Pakistan entities came out of missile concerns

‘Launch of 103 satellites in one rocket not aimed at record making’

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) does not consider the upcoming launch of 103 satellites on a single PSLV rocket a record-making feat. Its aim is rather to maximise the launch vehicle’s carry

Russian spares to support India

: Russia has amended its laws, allowing long-term contracts for spares and support for military equipment supplied to India. This will address long-standing concerns on the serviceability of the impor

Woman seeks apex court permission to abort foetus with severe anomaly

The Supreme Court on Wednesday directed Parel’s KEM Hospital to examine a 22-year-old pregnant woman carrying a foetus with severe anomaly and submit the report of its findings. The Mumbai resident, w

Taking ‘Cold Start’ out of the freezer?

General Bipin Rawat’s reference to Cold Start raises vital questions about what he means by the phrase and whether he was authorised to speak on the matter by the government

Confusion over waste generated by city

How much garbage does Bengaluru really generate? The civic body and the Bangalore Development Authority have arrived at vastly different figures.