Greece in trouble again

The country is struggling to meet bailout conditions even as three EU nations go to polls this year

A foreign policy of cruel populism

Leaders like Donald Trump are offering a harsh cultural agenda to address the West’s economic problems

Kashmir an internal affair: EU team

However, David McAllister, who heads the delegation, takes up issue of action against NGOs in India

China backs fight against terror

Promises more cooperation with India across a range of issues like security and trade

Two-state solution is dead

There are two alternatives. Israel wants one, but it is time for international actors to push for the other


The Samsung heir’s arrest marks the widening sprawl of South Korea’s political scandal

Surviving Trump

The U.S. media needs a different playbook and definitive strategies to fight back against their President

We need democracy because people can be wrong

It’s the only political system that allows us to regularly check the mistakes we make, bloodlessly, and correct them

Massacre in Sehwan

The shrine attack is a reminder that Pakistan needs a composite plan against terror

Britain’s moral failure

Ditching the Dubs child refugee scheme is shocking but consistent with the U.K.’s refrain of the refugee crisis

Revenge of America’s deep state

It strikes by forcing Michael Flynn’s exit and obstructing a reset of U.S.-Russia ties

Two-state solution remains ‘only way’ for Israel-Palestine peace, insists UN

Envoy for peace urges leaders of both sides to ‘carefully contemplate the future’

Early setback for Mr. Trump

President Donald Trump suffered a big political blow on Monday, barely a month into office, when his National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn, resigned over his Russia contacts.

Dark clouds over American academia

The prospects of key issues in higher education — public good, diversity and equity, academic freedom — are dark

North Korea lobs a missile challenge

On the face if it, the launch of a medium-range ballistic missile by North Korea on Sunday is yet another reckless provocation by its leader Kim Jong-un

Finance and façade

Xenophobia is inevitable because national leaders cannot talk of invisible finance capital; they can only regulate the bodies on the ground

One China check for Donald Trump

President Donald Trump’s stated commitment to honour the One China policy signals a softening of his administration’s approach towards Beijing.

An uphill task for Marine Le Pen

The far-right candidate would have to convince the French that she is both radically differentand more of the same

Israel’s continuing land grab

The passage of legislation by Israel that would legalise nearly 4,000 Jewish settler homes on private Palestinian lands in the West Bank flies in the face of international law and norms.

Trump-backed Bill seeks to cut legal immigrants by half

To have a major impact on Indians in the U.S. waiting to get green cards