Perilous U-turn on Iran

A set of new sanctions imposed on Iran by the United States over a missile test has taken ties between the two countries, which saw incremental improvement over a couple of years, back to the pre-Obama era.

Japan’s mission to clean up ‘space junk’ misses the mark

Tether that was created to slow down orbiting rubbish fails to get released

Rohingya refugees to be relocated on remote island

Bangladeshi authorities have decided to relocate thousands of refugees from Myanmar to a thinly populated island in the Bay of Bengal to avoid adverse socioeconomic impacts in the mainland.

H-1B visa in the spotlight

There are disconcerting signals from the Trump White House and Capitol Hill of likely changes to the H-1B non-immigrant visa programme in the U.S. for skilled workers in tech jobs.

First among allies?

There are concerns that Ms. May’s visit won’t prevent Mr. Trump from negotiating a deal heavily skewed in the interests of the U.S.

U.K. lays out Brexit plan, to leave single market

Hoping against hope:A demonstrator holds an anti-Brexit placard during a protest outside the Houses of Parliament in London on Wednesday.

Donald Trump puts Iran on notice

U.S. President attacks the ‘terrible’ nuke deal his predecessor and other nations reached with it

MPs highlight Brexit promises made to Indian community

The efforts made to persuade U.K. voters of Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi origin to vote to leave the EU last year, with the suggestion that a post-Brexit Britain might open up to Commonwealth countries

Trump’s SC pick sets stage for showdown in Congress

Neil M. Gorsuch, a conservative judge, likely to face tough hearing at Senate

American carnage: Trump’s road to ruin

The Trump presidency in the U.S. is less than two weeks old, but it is already clear that it represents an unusually fierce assault on civic, political, and moral values

New bill seeks to double H-1B salary

A new bill introduced by Democratic Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren proposing changes in the H-1B visa programme seeks to raise the minimum salary under the scheme to $1,30,000 from the current $60,000.

As bigotry becomes policy

Ultimately, Mr. Trump’s insistence on preferential treatment for Christian refugees makes a bogeyman of Muslims, a retrograde action that will exacerbate anti-Americanism worldwide.

Can Trump reset ties with Russia?

With Russia’s bargaining capacity much higher now, it will demand greater compromises from the U.S. for a potential détente

Choked by the Global Gag Rule

The Gag Rule only applies to the promotion of abortion as a means of family planning, not abortion after a sexual attack

Court stops Trump’s travel ban order

Protests erupt at many U.S. airports where passengerswere detained

Bracing for Trump’s cuts

The international groups affected by the prohibition usually provide a range of women’s health services, including pregnancy tests, HIV tests and screenings for sexually transmitted diseases.

Syria peace talks in Geneva pushed back, says Russia

UN-hosted negotiations on the Syrian conflict planned for February 8 in Geneva have been postponed until the end of that month, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Friday.

Trump set to block refugees, restrict Muslim visitors

Refugees from Syria will be indefinitely banned while visa applications from six other countries, including Iran, will be halted for 30 days, say reports

Towards clarity on Brexit

The condition the U.K.’s highest court has stipulated for London to trigger Article 50 of the European Union treaty removes any shred of doubt about the legislature being bypassed in giving formal shape to the Brexit vote last June..

Russia then, China now

The Obama administration’s foreign policy and Donald Trump’s call for its recalibration are both inspired by the same desire to prevent any new challenge to American supremacy