An Afghan agenda for Trump

Mr. Obama’s policy, as seen by Afghans, was about putting more boots on the ground, blind bombardments, and more drone attacks

Britain to leave EU’s single market: May

Prime Minister Theresa May on Tuesday said Britain would leave the EU’s single market in order to restrict immigration in a clean break from the bloc, but lawmakers can vote on the final deal.

In Davos, Xi defends globalisation

It needs to be made more inclusive, global institutions are inadequate, says Chinese President

NATO is obsolete, U.S. could cut a deal with Russia, says Trump

‘The military alliance was designed many years ago and the members are not paying their share’

Pakistan’s vanishing voices

ver the past few days, five Pakistani activists including the poet Salman Haider have gone missing. The incidents have left the rights groups, already under pressure from the military and extremist outfits, alarmed.

Obama’s act of departure

The sincerity and the authenticity of the speech made one wonder how this same America became a post-truth society, allowing a Trump to become president

Thailand set to amend Constitution

Thailand’s military-ruled legislature on Friday approved constitutional changes desired by the newly enthroned king that would reserve more powers for him.

‘U.S. worried over Pak. missiles’

Obama’s decision to impose trade curbs on Pakistan entities came out of missile concerns

Farewell with a message

Mr. Obama, however, was less effective in détente with Russia and China, and his relatively soft approach imbued them with the impunity to challenge Washington across multiple arenas.

Obama’s parting shot: Don’t take democracy for granted

In his final speech as the U.S. President, Barack Obama urged his fellow citizens not to take democracy for granted.

The great American election hack

The U.S. Office of the Director of National Intelligence has released a declassified report purportedly supplying the minutiae of a conspiracy theory that has dogged the victory of Donald Trump in the November presidential election

China deepens military ties with Malaysia

The four-day stopover of the submarine is seen as a trigger for elevated tensions in the South China Sea

A blow to reformists in Iran

The death of Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, the former President of the Islamic Republic of Iran and powerful cleric who was widely considered a leading “moderate” in Iran’s polity

Respite, not reconciliation

The war will not end in Astana. For extremist groups who continue to hold territory, there is little gain from surrender or reconciliation

Time for a political solution

Two years after the national unity government took power on the promise of reform and change, the Sirisena-Wickremesinghe combine needs to recover the earlier momentum

‘We will control our borders after Brexit’

Prime Minister Theresa May insisted on Sunday that Britain will have “control over our borders” after Brexit, suggesting that she would be prepared to quit Europe’s trading zone to achieve it.

Outrage in China over IUD ‘removal’

Govt. is persuading women to remove intrauterine device to enable them to have a second child

Sri Lanka’s next big fight

Unlike in its successful battle against malaria, the country has a peculiar challenge as it tries combating this disease — establishing a cause

Russia begins military drawdown in Syria

A naval group headed by aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov would be the first to leave the area

Intelligence chiefs confront Trump

This was a multifaceted campaign. Hacking was only one part of it, says James Clapper