Obama signs strengthened and reauthorized the Violence Against Women Bill into Act

Obama signed strengthened and reauthorized the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) to help thousands of women and men across the country who are victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence and stalking will be able to access resources they need in their communities to help heal from their trauma. In addition, thousands of law enforcement officers will be better equipped to stop violence before it starts, and respond to calls of help when they are needed.

EU fines Microsoft $731 mn for breaking browser promise

The European Union fined Microsoft Corp 561 million euros ($731 million) on Wednesday for failing to offer consumers a choice of web browser. The US company had broken a legally binding commitment made in 2009 to ensure consumers had a choice of browser, rather than defaulting to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. 15 million users were never made aware that they could choose.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez dies of cancer at 58

Venezuelan President dies of cancer. Hugo Rafael Chávez

Rajeev Shahare Appointed As the New High Commissioner of India to Maldives

At present, Shahare is a Joint Secretary in the West Asia North Africa division of Ministry of External Affairs

Cyprus election: Nicos Anastasiades elected president

Centre-right leader Nicos Anastasiades scored a comfortable victory over Communist-backed Stavros Malas in the Precidency elections.

Park Geun-hye sworn in as South Korea president

Ms Park Guen-Hye, the first woman to lead South Korea, succeeds President Lee Myung-bak.

DR Congo: African leaders sign peace deal

Regional African leaders (11 countries of the Great Lakes region) have signed a UN-brokered accord which aims to bring peace to the troubled eastern region of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The deal was signed in the presence of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa after about 800,000 people having been displaced since the March 23 (M23) rebel group took up arms against the Kinshasa government last May.

Bulgarian government resigns amid protests over high electricity costs

The prime minister, Boiko Borisov, had tried to calm protests by sacking his finance minister and pledging to cut power prices and punish foreign-owned companies, but the moves failed to defuse discontent, and demonstrations continued on Tuesday following which the government resigned on Wednesday.

Hamadi Jebali, Tunisia Prime Minister, Resigns

Tunisia's prime minister Hamadi Jebali announced his resignation Tuesday following a failed effort to form a technocratic government to see the country out of its political crisis. Tunisians overthrew a dictator in January 2011, sparking the Arab Spring revolutions.

International Conference on Traditional Medicine for South-East Asian Countries

The two-day International Conference on Traditional Medicine for South-East Asian Countries concluded with the Adoption of Delhi Declaration in New Delhi on 13 February 2013. The Delhi Declaration was made for fostering the development of Traditional Medicine of the region.

Pak inks deal to hand over Gwadar port to China firm

Pakistan and China on Monday signed an agreement to hand over control of the strategic Gwadar port on the Arabian Sea to a Chinese company, a move that has raised serious security concerns in India.

Rafael Correa re-elected for third term as president of Ecuador

One Billion Rising Campaign

The entire world came together on one platform to raise the voice for the violence against women across the globe by participating in One Billion Rising Campaign. This is a global campaign to rise against violence and take a stand for the one billion women. Almost 200 hundred countries are taking part in this campaign.

North Korea conducts third nuclear test

North Korea on Tuesday said it had conducted a “successful” third underground nuclear test, in a move that brought quick condemnation from the United Nations and the North’s neighbours and is set to heighten regional tensions.

World Cancer Day 2013

World Cancer Day was formed in the year 1933 in Geneva, Switzerland under UICC with the support of world's prominent cancer societies, treatment centres, research institutes and patient groups. The foundation of Cancer Day aims to curb and bring down the deadly disease.

Tracking and Data Relay Satellite launched by NASA

The TDRS-K system provides tracking, telemetry, command and high-bandwidth data return services for numerous science and human exploration missions orbiting Earth. These include the International Space Station and NASA's Hubble Space Telescope.

China successfully carries out interceptor missile test

China on Sunday successfully carried out its second land-based mid-course missile interception test as part of its efforts to build a missile shield to intercept incoming warheads.

Zeman is first directly elected Czech President

Milos Zeman won 54.8 per cent of the vote for the largely ceremonial post. The 68-year-old Mr. Zeman will replace the euro-sceptic Mr. Klaus, whose second and final term ends March 7. Mr. Zeman is considered more favourable toward the 27-nation European Union, to which the country belongs.

Death sentence in Bangladesh war atrocities trial

The war crimes tribunal trying those accused of committing atrocities during the Bangladesh liberation war in 1971 pronounced its first verdict on Monday, awarding death sentence to a former Jamaat-e-Islami leader, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad.

Pakistan supreme court orders arrest of prime minister on corruption charges

Pakistan's supreme court has ordered the arrest of the prime minister, Raja Pervaiz Ashraf, on corruption charges, heightening fears that the country's fragile democracy could be derailed by the campaign of tens of thousands of anti-corruption protesters camped out on the streets outside parliament.