SASTRA Ramanujan prize for Radziwill, Matomaki

Thu 22 Dec 2016

The 2016 SASTRA-Ramanujan award for mathematics was presented to Maksym Radziwill of McGill University, Canada, at the inauguration of the International Conference on Number Theory at SASTRA University at Kumbakonam. The joint winner is Kaisa Matomaki of University of Turku, Finland.

The award citation and the shared prize money of $ 5,000 was presented by Prof. Steven Weintraub from Lehigh University who is also the Associate Secretary of the American Mathematical Society. Prof. Radziwill will deliver the Srinivasa Ramanujan Birthday Commemorative Lecture on December 22.

SASTRA University presents the Ramanujan award to a leading mathematician under 32 years. This year the prize has been jointly given to Kaisa Matomaki and Maksym Radziwill for their ‘revolutionary’ collaborative work on short intervals in number theory. The first woman to receive the prize since it was instituted in 2005, Professor Matomaki said in an email, “I was surprised and, of course, very happy to receive such a prestigious prize.”

After meeting at a conference, Professors Matomaki and Radziwill started a collaboration. Their work dwells on properties of numbers in “short intervals.”

The two mathematicians worked with Fields medallist Terence Tao in making a breakthrough on the Chowla conjecture. “Terry Tao pointed out that our work is relevant to Chowla conjecture, and by using our results and some of his ideas, he could make the first advancement in Chowla conjecture,” said Prof. Radziwill. “In my opinion he has essentially proved it,” he added.

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