Genome of Tomato sequenced

Fri 01 Jun 2012

The tomato genome has been published in Nature on May 31, 2012, culminating years of work by the Tomato Genome Consortium, a multi-national team of scientists from 14 countries.

The International Tomato Genome Sequencing Project was begun in 2004 by an international consortium including participants from Korea, China, the United Kingdom, India, the Netherlands, France, Japan, Spain, Italy and the United States. The initial approach was to sequence only the euchromatic sequence using a BAC-by-BAC approach, and in total more than 1,200 BACs have been sequenced. In 2009, a complementary whole-genome shotgun approach was initiated, which in conjunction with other data yielded high quality assemblies. The International Tomato Annotation Group (ITAG) annotates the genome builds generated by this combined sequencing approach.


The DNA/RNA of an orgamism consists of short sequences called genes which carry hereditary information of that organism. Any characteristic of that organism will be based on its genes. A genome is the entire hereditary information of that organism, meaning the information of all the genes and the non-coding parts of DNA/RNA that do not take part in protein synthesis.

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