Israel to set up CoEs in India

Wed 23 May 2012

The 20th Agritech Israel international agricultural exhibition, which is held once every three years,  was held in Tel Aviv recently. A large number of Indian farmers from different parts of the country and several experts, scientists, bureaucrats and Agriculture Ministers of Haryana and Andhra Pradesh attended the fair. 

After two decades of diplomatic goodwill, both the countries have mutually decided to help each other in agriculture and will set up a Centre of Excellence (CoE) for agriculture in several states of India.

"Such CoEs have already been set up in many states in India. This year, we are eyeing a few more states, including Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Punjab among others, where we want to set up centres of excellence in agriculture technology,” said Mrs. Vani Rao, counsellor, embassy of India in Israel in an informal chat with several Indian journalists who were invited to the fair.

This Indo-Israel institute also has an exchange programme, under which Israeli experts will come to Gujarat to guide farmers on sowing, cultivation, harvesting and post-harvesting processes, according to her.

India accounts for huge wastage in agriculture as well. The country needs to learn and improve on post-harvest management, cold storage technology, packaging and dairy products. The technology used in Israel on recycling sewage water for agriculture can help India save water as well as improve overall productivity.

More than 2,000 farmers from India went to Israel to see and adopt new agriculture technology. In September 2012, Agritech Israel is being planned to be held at Gandhinagar in association with the Gujarat government


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