UNESCO inscribes Western Ghats Mountain Chain on the List of World Heritage Sites

Tue 03 Jul 2012

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), the science and cultural body of UN, inscribed India's 1600-km long Western Ghats mountain chain on the list of its world heritage sites on 1 June 2012. The Western Ghats mountain chain is globally renowned for its enormous biological diversity. The mountain’s chain, which are older than the Himalaya, are widely responsible for the Indian monsoon weather pattern.

The Western Ghats are also considered to be one of the world's eight hottest hotspots of biological diversity.

The 1600-km long ghats, begins at the border of Gujarat and Maharashtra and passes through as many as 5 states including Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu marks the ending point of the ghats.

The World Heritage Committee of UNESCO holds its meeting once every year where it reviews its list of World Heritage sites. The committee also looks into the implementation of the UNESCO World Heritage Convention, which defines the kind of natural or cultural sites which can be considered for inclusion on the World Heritage List.

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