World IPv6 Launch Day

Wed 06 Jun 2012

Following the success of the original World IPv6 Day (8th June 2011), the exercise was repeated on June 6, 2012 as the World IPv6 Launch, this time with the intention of leaving IPv6 permanently enabled on all participating sites. The event was billed as "this time, it's for real". All the major Internet Service Providers, networking equipment manufacturers and web companies around the world came together on the occasion, to permanently enable IPv6 for their products and services. The day, organized by Internet Society, represents a major milestone in the global deployment of IPv6.


Internet Protocol version 6 is the improvement over the previous IPv4 and is the communication protocol that routes traffic over the internet. IPv4 addresses are typically displayed as four numbers, each in the range 0 to 255, or 8 bits per number, for a total of 32 bits. Thus IPv4 provides an addressing capability of 232 or approximately 4.3 billion addresses. But these 4.3 billion addresses are going to be over soon and hence IPv6 is being implemented which is 132 bits long giving approximately 3.4×1038 possible addresses which would be sufficient for a long time to come. 

It must be noted here that every website is uniquely named using these numbers and a Domain Name Service (DNS) matches the name of a website with its table of numbers and opens the corrent site. Ex.'s actual address is

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