5 lakh need organ transplants in India

Tue 06 Aug 2013

Today is 8th world and 3rd Indian Organ Donation Day.

As part of efforts to increase organ donations, authorities are considering a proposal to make it mandatory for hospitals to declare brain-dead patients.

Talking to reporters here on Monday on the eve of Organ Donation Day, Dr. Swarna Latha, in-charge of Jeevandan (cadaver transplantation), Government of AP and Associate Professor of Nephrology, Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences (NIMS) said discussions were on for bringing in a policy in this regard. She, along with leading transplant surgeons, called for increasing awareness on the need to donate organs in view of the huge requirement with nearly five lakh people needing organ transplants in the country.

Dr. Swarna Latha said transplantation of organs was the only solution with rise in chronic diseases. It was projected that India would have 300 million patients with chronic renal disease, 30 million diabetics and eight million needing dialysis by 2025.


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