Demystifying the Constitution for students

Tue 17 Nov 2015

It’s been more than six and a half decades since the Constitution came into force, yet many students may not be aware of the aspects of its making and evolution -- how many Articles and schedules the Indian Constitution contains? How many members were there in the Constituent Assembly and how many times has the Constitution been amended?

This November 26, students across the country will find answers to these questions and much more on the Constitution as for the first time all schools in the country will be observing Constitution Day.

It was on November 26, 1949 that the Constitution was adopted by the Constituent Assembly following which the Constitution came into force on January 26, 1950.

A circular, issued by the Ministry of Human Resource Development to observe Constitution Day on November 26, stated “all schools throughout the country may conduct” activities to observe the first Constitution day. The circular has suggested events such as reading out the preamble of the Constitution in the school assembly, one period could be devoted to elaborate on the salient features of the Constitution by a guest speaker or a teacher. Schools have also been suggested to conduct essay competitions or quizzes around the Constitution, said the circular issued by Maneesh Garg, Joint Secretary, School Education, MHRD.

Schools affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) have been asked to celebrate the Constitution as living documents that is capable of adapting itself to the current situation. CBSE schools have also been also asked to mail reports on the celebrations along with photographs.

Meanwhile, the new circular has created an excitement in schools and among teachers, who have welcomed the move stating that it would help educate students about the salient features of the Constitution.

Remembering the greats

J. Anantha Padamanabhan, principal, Kendriya Vidyalaya, M.G. Railway Colony, said that teachers would explain to the students about the Constitution. He also said that he was planning to have a mini-exhibition on the people who worked to bring out the Constitution.

Jyotsna Nair, vice-principal of National Public School, Koramangala, said that she would read out the preamble in the school assembly and the students would read after her. She said that later in the academic year they would also conduct a poster-making competition where the students will design posters based on their interpretation of the preamble of the Constitution.

Vinay Kumar, a class XI student, said that it was a good move. “ Not all of us know much about the Constitution and this day would help us learn about our Constitution. We can also examine how relevant it is in today’s context,” he said.


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