UPSC notification put on hold

Sat 16 Mar 2013

The Centre will keep in abeyance the Union Public Service Commission’s March 5 notification making proficiency in English a requirement for IAS aspirants and maintain "status quo ante (The way the things were before)," Minister of State for Personnel and Training V. Narayanasamy informed the Lok Sabha on Friday.

“The government will call a meeting of the UPSC and resolve the issue. Meanwhile, taking into consideration the views expressed by the members [of Parliament], we will keep the notification in abeyance and the status quo ante will be maintained,” he said, as the members, cutting across party lines, protested against the notification, which lists four conditions for writing the main examination in regional languages.

The members said the order was “unfair and discriminatory” and would go against the aspirants from non-Hindi speaking States. The Lok Sabha witnessed three adjournments, as the Opposition sought a discussion and immediate withdrawal of the notification.

Some members demanded that the officials responsible for issuing the “unconstitutional” notification be punished.


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