Tulu in Eighth Schedule: State to submit new report

Thu 01 Aug 2013

Minister for Kannada and Culture Umashree told the Legislative Assembly on Wednesday that a detailed proposal will be submitted to the Centre seeking inclusion of Tulu in the Eight Schedule to the Constitution. Nearly 1 crore people speak Tulu, a language dominate in Dakshina Kannda and Udupi districts.

In a reply to Mohiuddin Bawa of the Congress during the Question Hour, Ms. Umashree said a proposal had been sent to the Centre but the Centre sought more information about the origin and number of Tulu speaking people in the State. “We have yet to get the data on the number of Tulu speaking people as per the 2011 Census.” After obtaining the data, the department would submit the revised proposal to the Centre, she said. Earlier, the department had submitted the proposal based on the 2001 Census.

The Minister said the Centre had written to the State last month seeking details about the language and the number of Tulu speaking people in the State.

Mr. Bava said the Tulu had a history of 2,000 years and the government had set up the Tulu Sahitya Academy for promoting the language. It was taught in some schools in Dakshina Kannada. A large number of Tulu speaking people were settled in other parts of the country and abroad, he said.


In a reply to Gopalaiah K. of the JD(S), the Minister said the Centre sanctioned Rs. 2.92 crore for the development of the Kannada language under the classical status given in 2008. Efforts would be made to obtain more funds from the Centre.

Earlier, Y.S.V. Datta said that the State had received negligible funds compared to Tamil Nadu. The State has not made efforts to seek more funds from the Centre to promote the Kannada language.


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