Tea production crosses 1 billion kg-mark

Sat 26 Jan 2013

The feat came to light following a major exercise launched by the industry regulator, the Tea Board of India, to bring within the net all segments of tea producers — organised and unorganised — many of whom were not reporting their crop statistics. Indian tea industry has finally breached the one billion kg-mark in production

Following this exercise taken up through the second half of 2012, it became clear that India had actually produced 75 million kg more than the 988 million it was estimated to have produced between January and December 2011.

Tea Board started notifying the 2011 revised figures from December and the exercise, now completed, shows Indian tea crop to be 1063.5 million kg. The share of bought leaf factory (from the small tea growers) is around 29 per cent, officials said.

In 2012, India has already reached a level of 1023.9 million kg of tea crop by November according to field level data.

Following the successful implementation of a pilot project to file electronic returns on crop figures in the south, it has been decided to roll out the project nationally.


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