India opposed to inclusion of ‘new issues’ in WTO

Wed 11 Jan 2017

Ahead of a special meeting of trade ministers on the sidelines of the forthcoming World Economic Forum at Davos, India opposed attempts by some developed nations to introduce ‘new issues’ including e-commerce and investment into the formal agenda of the World Trade Organisation (WTO)-level negotiations on liberalisation of global trade.

“It may be alright to have informal and non-binding discussions (on these ‘new issues’). But unless there is a consensus among all the WTO member countries, these issues cannot be made part of the formal agenda. I don’t think currently there is any consensus for such a move,” Union Commerce and Industry Minister Nirmala Sitharaman told reporters.

India had on earlier occasions too rejected the attempts of the developed world to make such ‘new issues’ part of the ongoing Doha Round talks saying it will ‘dilute’ the ‘development agenda’ of the negotiations. The World Economic Forum is scheduled to take place between January 17 and 20.


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