Pilloor-III will meet water needs up to 2048

Tue 21 Apr 2015

Five-hundred-and-thirty-six million litres a day (mld) drinking water is what the city will need in the next couple of decades.

This estimation has come out in study conducted to arrive at the needs for implementing the Coimbatore Corporation’s Pilloor III drinking water supply scheme.

The corporation will draw the water from the Pilloor Reservoir to meet the needs of the city, which then will have a population of over 31 lakh people, say sources familiar with the study, which was conducted based on a proposal the corporation made to meet its increasing water needs.

At present the civic body gets over 255 mld from Siruvani, Pilloor II, Kavundampalayam-Vadavalli and Aliyar drinking water schemes.


To implement the Pilloor III project, the corporation will have to dig intake well in the reservoir, dig a tunnel through the Periyacombai hillock to lay pipeline to take the raw water to a treatment plant in Velliangadu and then dig another tunnel to lay pipeline across the Kattan hillock to take the treated water to the city.

The treated water will first arrive at a 66 lakh-litre reservoir to be built near Pannimadai and from there reach distribution tanks to be built across the city, the sources say and add that from the treatment plant the water will have to be pumped to the reservoir and from there the distribution will be without pumping by using natural gradient of the terrain.

The study also suggests for not laying pipeline along the Mettupalayam Road as too many water supply pipelines are passing along the road on both sides.

To ensure adequate maintenance the study has suggested an alternative route, the sources say.

To lay the pipeline on the alternative route, build the treatment plant and reservoir the corporation will have to go in for land acquisition, they point and add that it may not be a difficulty as the route suggested has been done taking into account all these factors.

Once the study report is complete, the corporation will take it up with the State Government or any of its funding agency for funds and then implement the project.

This is expected to take at least a year or so.


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