Ayub agrees to universal adult franchise

Thu 14 Mar 2019

President Ayub Khan to-day [March 13] accepted the Opposition’s main demands for a federal parliamentary system of Government and elections on adult franchise basis. The President told the Rawalpindi Round Table Conference that other issues like regional autonomy, one-unit and parity be decided by an elected body representing the will of the people, according to reports from Rawalpindi. The President, who analysed the discussions the Conference had had since Monday last [March 10] on various political, economic and other issues, said that he would “beseech” all representative of the Opposition to agree to this proposal. For, he said, he believed it to be the “best way to ensure the independence, integrity and unity of the country.” President Ayub said, he would have the National Assembly amend his 1962 Constitution to grant adult franchise and also introduce a “federal parliamentary form of Government.”


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