Chinese troops fire on Indian forces

Tue 12 Sep 2017

Chinese troops fired across the Indian border near Nathu La in Sikkim throughout to-day [September 11]. Some Indian personnel were killed in the initial Chinese firing and a number of others were also wounded as a result of shelling. The Chinese started rifle and machine-gun fire early this morning [September 11]. Later they brought in mortar and heavy artillery. An official statement said that the Chinese used mortars and 76 mm. guns. In addition to firing across the border, the Chinese also fired “in depth.” Indian troops returned the fire. There was some indication of reduced intensity of firing from the Chinese side at some points. The Government of India in a note to China suggested an immediate cease-fire in the Nathu La area and a meeting of the sector commanders of the two sides to prevent the situation assuming a very serious aspect. India told China that by launching an armed attack, the Chinese Government was seeking to build up tension at a point on the border which had never been in dispute. Soon after the receipt of news of the Chinese firing the Secretaries Committee of the Government met to take stock of the border situation. For some time it has been felt that the Chinese may create some trouble in order to divert the attention of the Chinese people from the cultural chaos sweeping their country. The season in the Himalayas from Ladakh to NEPA is now good for military operations.The populated Indian cities scattered all along the border provide any number of military targets for China. But there is very little by way of military targets in Tibet for India to concentrate on.


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