Earth tremors in many Andhra towns

Mon 15 Apr 2019

An earthquake of moderate to light intensity shook many towns over a wide area of peninsular India including Cuttack and Vijayawada in the east, Bombay in the west and Nagpur in the north between 8-55 p.m. and 9 p.m. yesterday [April 13]. The tremors were also felt in Madras City and Bangalore and Calicut. Except for the damage to a temple at Dharmashala, 30 km. from Bhadrachalam and the occurrence of minor cracks in old buildings in some places, no serious damage to property has been caused. There has also been no loss of life although some people are reported to have suffered minor injuries by falling off chairs or cots. The epicentre of yesterday’s earth tremors, which brought panic-stricken people into the streets and caused failure of power supply in many places in Andhra Pradesh, was located at Latitude 17.5 degrees North and Longitude 80.5 degrees East, about 120 kilometres north of Vijayawada, according to the Central Observatory in Poona.


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