EMS challenges Centre to order inquiry

Thu 10 Jan 2019

The Chief Minister, Mr. E.M.S. Nambudiripad today [January 9, Trivandrum] demanded the Union Government to conduct an enquiry into the sources responsible for making allegations against the Marxist Communist Party from 1962 onwards and also whether these sources had any connections with Pulpalli and Tellicherry incidents in Kerala. Mr. Nambudiripad said that the enquiry should cover the period beginning with the presentation of the White Paper in Parliament by the then Home Minister, Mr. G.L. Nanda, alleging Marxist guerrilla activities. He asked whether the Central Intelligence which was responsible for presenting such a report, had been able to find out what had happened in Kerala now. The Chief Minister, who was replying to the three-day debate on the Governor’s address to the Assembly, was commenting on the demand for a judicial enquiry into the Tellicherry and Pulpalli incidents.


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