Important results in Flanders battle

Wed 11 Oct 2017

Reuters Correspondent at London Headquarters wires: The British and Australians again attacked along the Flanders Ridges and pushed the enemy back to a depth in some places of two-thirds of a mile. The battle extended more to the northward than in three previous operations since September 20, the French taking up the fight on the left. The weather was about as bad as possible yesterday [October 8] evening. A gale was blowing and it was raining in torrents, but the clouds broke at midnight and the stars shone in the small hours quite clearly, enabling the troops to be brought into starting positions under more favourable conditions. The ground was very bad and the going extremely difficult. It is hardly likely that the Germans anticipated that we should endeavour to advance in such conditions. Our troops found the Huns holding the front much more heavily than in any previous battles of this series. This suggests a return to the earlier defensive tactics of depending upon man-power rather than concrete. Rifle fire was not so heavy as usual, doubtless, because the weapons were largely clogged with mud.


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