Israel dares UN to order return to old frontiers

Mon 19 Jun 2017

Israel will refuse to comply with any United Nations General Assembly resolution calling for a return to pre-war boundaries in the Middle East, Foreign Minister Abba Eban said in an interview published to-day [June 18]. The Government and Press stepped up attacks on the Soviet Union on the eve of the emergency Assembly session requested by the USSR to demand that Israel give back the territory it captured in the six-day war. Mr. Eban was interviewed by the English-language “Jerusalem Post” before he flew to New York yesterday [June 17] to head Israel’s U.N. delegation. “If the General Assembly were to vote by 121 to one in favour of Israel returning to the (1948) armistice lines to-morrow [June 19], Israel would refuse to comply with that decision,” he said. “This has been made clear to the major powers.” Mr. Eban said Israeli strategy would try to prevent “harmful intervention in the new Middle Eastern realities”.


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