Mill hands’ strike. Men resume work.

Tue 12 Sep 2017

The mild sensation that was prevalent [in Bombay] among the mill population during the weekend owing to the dispute between some of the mill owners and their men over the question of wages has almost ended and things have been settled satisfactorily. The Managing Agents of Currimbhoy and Fazul group of mills, whose hands numbering about ten-thousand had gone on strike, having considered the men’s demands decided to accept them and allow the men to draw increased wages for July also. This having satisfied the men they have resumed work. The Crown Mill alone where the trouble first started is not working and the men are still holding out. Their ultimatum that the new scale of wages should have effect from July was complied with by the management after some consideration, but when this was acceded to, new demands for overtime, etc., were promptly made.


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