Mujibur Rahman warns of movement

Fri 15 Mar 2019

The National Awami League leader Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, sore over the failure of the round table talks in Rawalpindi to secure acceptance of the demand for autonomy for East Pakistan, yesterday [March 13] called on Air Marshal Asghar Khan and, according to Radio Pakistan, discussed with him the political situation. This was the first notable development following the conclusion of the Round Table Conference yesterday [March 13] between President Ayub Khan and Opposition leaders. The Sheikh to-day [March 14] said at Lahore that he would present his own draft constitutional reforms soon. The Times (London) correspondent from Rawalpindi reported to-day [March 14] that Mr. Rahman hinted that the “revolt” in East Pakistan might turn into a serious separatist movement unless Mr. Ayub Khan granted the 70 million Bengalis full autonomy almost immediately. The correspondent said that after the third session of the Rawalpindi talks, the Sheikh said it would be natural if people began thinking in terms of “complete independence” if the present talks failed. “I do not know how much longer their patience will last, President Ayub can concede our demands, but much depends on the attitude of the rest of the administration.”


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