Pageant planned at Poona.

Thu 13 Sep 2018

A pageant is to take place in Poona on the 18th and 19th instant in celebration of the splendid victories which continue to crown the British and Allied arms in France and Flanders. It is to represent dramatically and symbolically the profound significance of Britain’s participation in the war and of her association with her valiant chilvalrous Allies in the great iron contest against the common foe of humanity. The pageant is designed to present in allegory some at least of the great ideas from which developed fundamental principles on which British Empire is based. It will show first India with her great legendery and historic past age, of conquerors of a pride and splendour of the Moghul dynasties and even greater India of the present. The Dominions will follow, South Africa, Australia, and Canada daughters in their mother’s house, mistresses in their own and Egypt reconciling the most ancient traditions of race with hopes and expressions of the future. Then will come representatives of the Great Allied powers and the procession will be headed by Great Britain, the Allied powers being marshalled. A dramatic scene will present the appeals of Belgium, Servia, Montenegro and Romania before the tribunal of justice, the response of Britain and her Allies and the triumph of justice and liberty. The purpose of the pageant is to impress on those who witness it the obligation which lies upon them to perform their personal share of sacrifice and effort in the great common cause.


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