Postmen’s grievances.

Wed 13 Sep 2017

The Bombay postmen numbering over nine hundred through their Solicitors have sent in a representation to the Director General of Posts and Telegraphs setting forth a number of their grievances and have requested the Director-General to declare his decision within four days to avoid grave situation and disturbance which are otherwise inevitable. Among other matters the postmen complain that the recent developments in the city with its many-storied castles and additional buildings were giving too much strain to them and they therefore pray that the number of postmen be reasonably increased to give them some relief and they be provided with hand-lamps for carrying out their duty during darkness. They ask their duties might be reckoned on eight hours a day basis for extra work and on holidays extra wages and in case of transfers in local divisions for extra allowance. In view of the inconvenience caused by putting on pants and bandages the men suggest some superior or adaptable type of dress or permission to put on dress of their own choice.They further submit that half-pay might be given for a period of sick leave pension after 20 years’ service in case they are medically declared unfit and in other cases after 25 years.


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