Presidency Cricket Match.

Fri 11 Jan 2019

So this great game of the seasons is after all coming off to-morrow [January 12] at Chepauk and all S Madras will be there for certain. The weather too so far has been all that could be desired, so that it looks as though a fast and true cricket is awaiting the batsman. Thus he will indeed be a lucky skipper who wins the toss and secures for his side the first tenancy of the wickets. Both sides have made their final choice of players and the lists too have already been published in these columns. Looking at the Indian side, one is at first struck with its tremendous batting strength. In fact it would be hard to improve it in this line. Coming now to individuals, Dr. V. Ramanjulu stands a clan by himself. He is as sound as he is brilliant, a rare combination indeed. In short he is the most finished batsman of the side. Then comes Ramaswami, his own brother. He is even more dangerous than his great brother, for playing left handed, he takes most bowlers at a disadvantage. As for Yoganathan, he is unquestionably a batsman of an high order though he has not been particularly successful in the past in these games.


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