Short supply of cells for transistors

Tue 10 Oct 2017

Radio dealers belonging to the All-India Radio Merchants’ Association, Madras, to-day [October 9] staged a demonstration in front of the Madras branch of the Union Carbide in Mount Road, against what they consider to be a faulty distribution of battery cells for transistor sets. The Union Carbide factory in Calcutta is said to be the only manufacturer of radio battery cells. The Association feels that the present distribution practice followed by the firm does not ensure a fair and adequate supply of cells to radio dealers. Mr. G.K. Sankar, Vice-President of the Association, along with other members, met the representatives of the firm and pressed for an adequate supply of radio battery cells to the dealers. They were asked to give a comprehensive list of their requirements and were assured that the supply position would improve in a short period. The members of the Association agreed to give the list asked for but continued their demonstration.


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