The Food Situation. (From an Editorial)

Tue 11 Sep 2018

Although comparative quiet prevails in the City and additional Police precautions are reported to have been taken, the sense of insecurity which the recent disorder aroused among all classes of the population are still widely prevalent. Rumours of fresh impending troubles are current and are believed in and the amount of actual suffering on the part of the poorer classes is very great. May we ask what steps the Government are taking to infuse confidence in the people and alleviate their distress? Have they made any arrangements to come down to the plains in order to take the situation well in hand, or have they deputed any official or officials to do whatever the critical situation may need? Four days have gone by after the very serious and what appears to be organised looting, brought on by the prevalence of high prices, which has exasperated the people, and yet the public are yet to be told as to the remedial measures which have been or are proposed to be taken to bring succour to the people. People are in doubt as to who the authority is that is responsible for the civil administration of the City, and, in the absence of any indications of zeal or activity in regard to the present situation, they may well do so; but the continuance of this state of irresponsibility cannot be tolerated and will seriously detract from the prestige of the Government. If we are to believe in reports current about the doings of a certain body in the City charged with the supervision of mercantile transactions with a view to steady and regulate prices, we may well doubt if it realises the gravity of the situation and is endowed with sufficient insight and sympathy.


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