UPDATE: New app loaded

Wed 17 Apr 2013

The application has been uploaded on the play store

Features added.

  • As one of the user "Sai Kiran" had requested we have added the feature of saving the articles categories-wise as the ones that you get from internet. Any new categories we may create online will automatically be saved in the phone once you will visit the internet categories page.
    NOTE: The previously saved articles will be shifted to the "Current Affairs" Category under "Read Saved Articles" button.
  • Apart from that, we have also added a notification feature that will tell you how many new articles have been added in each of the categories after your last use (or that particular day). Hope this will save you time when you read.

  • Swipe for next is added when browsing through the individual articles. 

Any other requests are always welcome and we will try and add them as soon as possible. 

Please comment and let us know about the app, especially if you rate us low. We wish to know what problems you faced so that we can fix them so that you can enjoy using this app.

Also, please report any crashes with comments if you can. That will really help us improve this application.

You can also mail us at:



You can also visit our website www.civilserviceguide.com where we have a temporary setup and post your comments there.

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