‘We will control our borders after Brexit’

Mon 09 Jan 2017

Prime Minister Theresa May insisted on Sunday that Britain will have “control over our borders” after Brexit, suggesting that she would be prepared to quit Europe’s trading zone to achieve it.

“The referendum vote was a vote for us to... bring control into our immigration system. I’m clear that is part of what we need to deliver,” she told Sky News in an interview. “We will be able to have control over our borders, of our laws.”

Merkel’s warning

German leader Angela Merkel has warned Britain will not be able to remain in the EU’s single market while “cherry picking” the terms — including over the free movement of labour.

Ms. May on Sunday appeared to suggest she would be willing to quit the trade zone.

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon on Sunday said the prospect of a second independence referendum for her nation was not mere bluster if Britain left the single market. Experts say a “hard Brexit” would mean Britain withdrawing entirely from Europe’s single market and negotiating new trade arrangements in order to impose strict immigration controls. — AFP


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